Playworks is a private practice of professionals providing assessment, intervention, and consultation to families of young children (infancy to early school age) with special needs. We specialize in working with children presenting complex developmental issues related to diagnoses including autism spectrum disorders. Our approach to children and families is influenced by developmental models including the DIRĀ®/Floortime Model described by the late Stanley Greenspan, M.D.

Our practice has been designed with the flexibility to provide a continuum of services that may function as a child's primary or supplemental intervention program. In addition to providing specialized programs for children with autism, our services include assessment, intervention, and consultation for families of children with a range of risk factors or special needs conditions. Our clients have included children with autism, Asperger's syndrome, PDD-NOS, developmental delay, attention deficit disorder, prematurity, communicative disorders, Down syndrome, bipolar disorder, cerebral palsy, regulatory disorders, sensory integrative dysfunction, seizure disorders, traumatic brain injury, and learning disabilities.

Services include developmental assessments, early intervention, occupational therapy, speech/language intervention, social skills groups, inclusion support, and consultation/training. We also provide program design and supervision for families seeking assistance in planning and implementing intensive developmental intervention programs.

112 Eleventh Street
Redlands, CA 92374
ph (909) 792-0543
fax (909) 792-0546

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